About Wout

Real world ready

That means I believe in ideas that drive business and add real value to people’s lives by offering a solution to a problem. But it’s much more than just the idea. I love to develop, design and build ideas into brands, campaigns, companies and products which are sexy, smart and sophisticated. Diversity in my work and the people I work with are very important. In this way I keep on learning and improving but it also enables me to help and inspire others around me.

The pop up generation

I’m a digital native, raised in a pop-up culture. This means I’m able to live and work between different dimensions and don’t see limits. I work in a fast pace and move in high tempo between different stages of a project. Co-founding The Pop Up Agency is the best proof of all this. And yes, I do get bored pretty fast. Are you still there?

An entrepreneurial creative

I have an entrepreneurial spirit, tons of energy and am driven by creativity. My ideas are explained with strategy and told with story. My goal is to create communication products that fit in the world we’re living in. I also invest time and money in my own ideas, mostly with my friends from the industry. I don’t believe in ‘we didn’t have a brief’, there’s always an opportunity!

Touring with The Pop Up Agency – 2013

When studying at Hyper Island I co-founded The Pop Up Agency. Together with five other students I wanted to challenge myself and the creative industry. No more draining processes but applying the start-up way of working to creative briefings. As an alternative internship we did The Pop Up Tour. Within fifteen weeks we worked for more than fifteen clients in fifteen different countries. For all of them we worked only 48 hours! This gave me global experience and a lot of insights about the industry I’m working in. Watch our documentary.

Start-up Wundernacht – 2015 / 2016

In March 2015, together with friends I co-founded start-up Wundernacht. We build a simple website, put in some money for taking off and a few weeks later the idea was reality. We started working more and more on our start-up and mid 2016 we got our first investment. Unfortunately we had to close down the company in December 2016. I’m proud of what we’ve achieved, the product we’ve build and the fact our idea made people smile and added value to their lives. A lot of learnings (really, a lot!) and on to the next on. Check the portfolio case.


2012 – 2013: Hyper Island – Interactive Art Director / Full time in Stockholm
2011 – 2012: Nijmegen University: Master in Business Communication
2008 – 2011: Nijmegen University: Bachelor in Dutch Culture and Languages
2007 – 2008: ArtEZ Art Academy: Product Design