Make ideas happen / Instagram Course

I’ve designed this Instagram course because everybody has ideas but only a few make them happen or make them profitable. With this course I’ll help you to make your ideas happen.


A mix of my favorite methods and tools that I use for my creative process and mindset. The course has 42 lessons, divided over six chapters. That sounds like a lot. Don’t worry, all videos are between 1 and 5 minutes short. A total of 80 minutes.


It is about spotting opportunities, for example with a user journey or Lego. I’ll demonstrate methods and tools to generate ideas. But we will also find the winning idea with a selection matrix or dot voting. Finally I’ll cover the basics to bring an idea to the next level. Along the way I’ll address topics like mindset, reflection, post-its, success, failure and more.

The course is also available on Skillshare.

Make Ideas Happen on Skillshare