Lock&Lock – De Kook5daagse

Lock&Lock are high quality household boxes. They’re used for keeping food fresh and come in all kind of sizes. We’re asked to develop a campaign that would create more brand awareness and drive online sales regarding the Dutch market.


I believe it’s important to put products into context. Therefor we created the ‘Kook5daagse’ (5 day cooking challenge) inspired on the food prepping Sunday’s which are trendy in America. Based on the insight that in The Netherlands people are being more conscious about food waste and their health. The healthy lifestyle is popping up everywhere. With the ‘Kook5daagse’ we explained the principes of food prepping Sundays and asked people to participate in the challenge. This meant they had to prepare all their meals for five days in a row in their Weekend. Of course boxes were needed to store all the food.


We also challenged a number of influentials to participate in the challenge. Via their blog and social media people could follow their process. At the end of the challenge they wrote a blogpost with their thinking about the food prepping Sundays principle combined with the Lock&Lock boxes.


On a dedicated website we gathered all recepis of the influentials which enabled users to cook the same meals as they did. For different kind of potential clients we had a specific influencer. Think about a sports man, a family mom and a hipster vegetarian.


Within this campaign I was responsible for the total concept. Together with Anita Pronk I wrote the strategy, came up with the idea and did the production. We directed the video and were responsible for all copy and art.


The Commitments