Europride 2016 – Loveboats

Branding and design agency VBAT designed the beautiful branding for EuroPride 2016, which was organised in Amsterdam.


Together with the EuroPride 2016 organisation they briefed us to come up with an idea by which everybody in Europe had the chance to become part of the EuroPride, whether someone lived in Amsterdam or not.


Loveboats. Perhaps the biggest event during the EuroPride is the famous Canal Pride. People from all over Europe travel to Amsterdam to be part of this huge event. Our goal was that everybody in Europe could build their own paper boat and join the Canal Pride.


On a dedicated website participants could customise their own boat by choosing the flag of their country, adding a photo and write a short text. The boats were partly printed by the organisation to join the Pride. The website featured a gallery as well where all different boats were shown. Thereby participants received a PDF with folding instructions so they were able to print and fold their personal boat.


My role
Within two days time me and John came up with a bunch of different ideas, scaled the list down to three ideas, developed them a little further and presented to the Europride Organisation. VBAT designed and produced the website and boats.




Freelance Creative
John Vonk