HEMA – An interactive Easter egg hunt.

In addition to their new Spring campaign HEMA wanted to launch a game in which their customers could discover all sixteen different flavours of chocolate easter eggs.


In the game users had to search for the chocolate eggs all over the place. Some where hidden in the trees, on the dinner table and in the grass, right at your feet! When they found all flavours they could claim their voucher and pick up their prize in a dedicated HEMA store.


More than just a 360
What I personally like about the concept is the fact nowadays every brand is launching a 360 video. Most of the time it’s just that and nothing more. With this game we added an extra value to the 360 experience. On social media people started to invite friends for playing the game as well and Facebook-users started asking the community where to find all the different chocolate eggs. The game also worked with Google Cardboard.


Great results
Within days 10.000 virtual easter eggs were transformed into real ones as players of the game were rewarded with real bags of chocolate eggs after playing the game. In the end about 200.000 consumers have seen the game, 106.000 actually finished it and got their voucher.


My role
In this project I truly worked as an interactive art director. I was involved from concept to final product. We came up with the idea for the 360 experience and after prototyping I sketched out the UX and UI. We made an interactive version in Invision and after that I designed the final visual design and interactions for all devices.



XXS Amsterdam and Festina Amsterdam