The Pop Up Agency

My best story and experience so far!


During my studies for Interactive Art Director at Hyper Island in Stockholm, I co-founded The Pop Up Agency.


With a group of six students we decided we wanted to challenge ourselves and the creative industry. We believed in faster creative processes and working in new ways. For that reason we only worked 48 hours on our clients briefings.


Within our internship period of fifteen weeks we pushed the Pop Up Agency to an extreme experiment. Within fifteen weeks we wanted to work for fifteen clients in fifteen countries over the world. Our clients paid for our travel, food and accommodation and this nomad agency would work 48 hours on the brief. Briefings from campaigns to new business development and from branding to digital strategy.


We succeeded in our Pop Up Tour and worked in Helsinki, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York, Madison, Paris, Belgrade and Stockholm.


Clients differed from advertising agencies to start-ups and from production companies to brands. We worked for Hasan & Partners, Lauritz, AIAIAI, HowDO, MediaMonks, BBH, TBWA, Madison Chamber of Commerce, Spoiled Milk, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Hyper Island and Cheap Monday.


Via a Kickstarter campaign we managed to raise the money for producing a documentary about this crazy life experience. You can watch it for free, it’s the first video on the left!


Press & Media
Before, during and after the tour we got featured in: Metro, PFSK, Adformatie, Springwise, Campaignbrief Asia, Campaignbrief US, The Drum, Good Is.


You’ll find a small selection of video’s and pictures on the left. Enjoy!