Wundernacht – Venture

Side projects are super fun. But sometimes they get a little bit out of control. This is what happend with Wundernacht.


The idea
The idea came to life during a brainstorm evening with friends. How many times do we go out to the same place or have dinner in the same restaurant? That was the problem we were trying to solve.


Wundernacht came out as the solution. A surprise night out, curated by locals. When you book a Wundernacht, you have know idea where you’ll end up. You pick a date, choose your city and pay € 65,00 per person. On your Wundernacht you would receive a text message at 5 PM where your evening would start a few hours later. Dinner and drinks were included in the price.


Branding & design
Wundernacht’s branding and identity is something I’m really proud of. I designed the logo, defined the brand guidelines and developed all this into a website. The brand turend out to be very strong, lovable and recognisable. We designed letters, giftcards, banners, social content, envelopes and even some merchandise. Along the way the design and visual identity and website improved every month and became stronger. We also made a lot of social content for our Instagram, Facebook, blog and newsletter.


Developing the business
Wundernacht became a serious business. We were not profitable but we had a growing number of paying customers who really enjoyed their surprise night out. More and more time (and some personal money) was put into the idea and we started writing our business plan. In August 2016 we raised our first investment and started working on it full time. Two interns joined the team, we rented a small office, started with marketing and suddenly Wundernacht was truly a company.


Closing the company
Not even one out of hundred start-ups becomes a succes. Unfortunately the same happened to us. We made changes in our product, prices and target audiences which costs a lot of time. And time is money. Though the numbers of bookings were still increasing we decided to pull the plug in December 2016. At that moment we were still able to pay back all upcoming bookings and giftcards and close down the company in a decent way.


Many learnings
It’s a cliché but I truly learned a lot and achieved stuff I’m proud off. Raising an investment was one of my goals for 2016 and we made it happen. It’s great to see how my co-founder, our interns and myself evolved along the way. But most of all we managed to put a product on the market people were willing to pay for and truly made them happy.


Commercial and motion graphic
For Wundernacht we produces a commercial and a motion graphic. Both of them are separate cases in my portfolio. We used them for marketing on social media and on our website.



Wundernacht website
Click here to explore the last version of the Wundernacht website. Unfortunately you can’t make a booking anymore 😉