Yays strategy, branding and identity

Yays is a new travel and stay concept. At Yays they believe that the best way to get to know a city is not to visit it, but to live it. With Yays, you’re staying in concierged boutique apartments in the most characteristic and vivid neighbourhoods, surrounded by shops, restaurants and events you won’t find in any of the tourist guides.


With The Commitments I’m responsible for defining and designing this brand. From mission and vision statement to communication products like the website, banners, bikes and even shampoo packaging. I was present at the very first meeting till the official opening of the Yays buildings in Amsterdam


Defining the brand
Through various workshops together with a dedicated team from the client we defined the brand Yays. First we described The Modern City Traveler, next we developed Yays’ vision, mission and proposition. We created personas of the Yays taste group and developed the Yays communication format idea and tone of voice.


Designing the brand
The next step was to create a visual identity. We did various studies on form, colour and typefaces. We created a logo which we named ‘The Neighbourhood’. Brand colours and typefaces were chosen. Thereby we used the outlines of the unique and authentic Yays buildings to add another visual form of communication to the identity.


Customer journey
To define what kind of communication products were needed to produce and where we could add extra creative touchpoints and ideas we mapped out the customer journey of a Yays visitor. The customer  journey consists of nine different steps that we call “The Nine Moments of Truth.”


Applying the visual identity
The complete visual identity came together in a brand style guide. Which has been applied to a wide range of communication products like the website, banners on buildings, smartphone application, stationary, shampoo boxes, everything you’ll find when staying in a Yays apartment. I also designed the invitation for the official opening.


The Commitments: Michel de Goede, Anita Pronk, Roos Timmer


Jarr Geerligs, Wim Michels, Maarten Versteege, Axel van Weel


Design intern
Hanneke Vos